Sailing in safe waters with Filippetti: 5 year warranty

The Filippetti Yacht Shipyard: 5 Years Warranty Formula

Filippetti Shipyard offers a formula that provides coverage of 5 years, to all those who choose to entrust the annual maintenance of their boat to the Shipyard, also through the network of their dealers or service points.
Certain of the fact that Filippetti boats are built in compliance with the highest shipbuilding requirements and certainly above all of the know-how of each partner involved, the Shipyard offers this additional service with complete confidence.

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Primary importance for Filippetti Yacht is the choice of high-quality materials and products. From resins to motors, to furniture components, the collaboration with strategic partners allows you to sleep peacefully. Relying on solid companies with reliable products is the first step to guarantee the customer serene and punctual assistance service. This is why Filippetti Yacht always chooses the best companies, able to guarantee products with a high quality standard and able to solve any problem in a timely manner.